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It’s cold in here and you’re the only thing that’s warm.

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Or, you know, you could just stop saying sorry.

I take it you don’t have anxiety.

You can’t “just stop saying sorry”. You do something, something so little, like accidentally bump into someone. You feel horrible about it. Your brain starts panicking and you have trouble trying to breathe. You stutter an apology. They say it’s okay, but you accidentally do it again, and you apologize again. They just say “Aha, you can stop saying sorry.” And you feel horrible that you’ve probably made them angry or upset, so you mutter out an apology for the third stupid time, and they just say to stop saying sorry. Stop saying sorry. 

You can’t just tell someone to stop saying you’re sorry.

I want that comment on flyers so I can hang them in my school

reblogging this one for the GOOD commentary.

If you’re going to tell someone to stop saying sorry say, “You don’t have to apologize to me.” and smile. If they say sorry again just say, “You’re fine.” and keep smiling and move on. The faster the situation is resolved the faster the person with anxiety can start to calm down. Please don’t get angry at someone for saying sorry, sometimes that’s all the person feels like they can do.

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Mama Suga to the rescue.

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You're the one that doesn't understand. It's you who cares about all that! I'm not you!

FreePoke! AU ・゜゚・*☆ Trainer Rei Ryugazaki

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yes i am an otaku. luv those mangos and animoo. i also perfected the language of japenese. ohio. koala desu. ickydickymasu. cherry blossoms are my favorite food

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FreePoke AU: Makoto and the Skitty trouble blessing
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My friend claimed he could play Flight of the Bumblebee and accompany himself. Then he did this.

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This guy sent me a dick pic so I google searched and sent back a bigger dick pic. This was the response.

This is beautiful

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I was talking to my friend on the phone and then she almost got run over and i was obviously really concerned so i asked her if she was okay and after a moment she replied “there is a Jesus in the sky” in a really matter-of-fact sort of way
so obviously I thought something was seriously wrong butimage

omg please don’t bring this back
People are converting because of this post and I’m actually Jewish oh god I fucked up

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holy shit

look at this

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0ugi asked: hikaru or kaoru?
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Here’s a Kill la Kill print that I’ve been working on for Anime Expo.  See you guys in July!

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